Sales and Marketing jobs in Nigeria

Sales and Marketing jobs in Nigeria

In this category on our job site, you can find jobs related to marketing and sales in Nigeria.

Marketing jobs entails creating awareness about products or services to customers before a product or service has been launched or after it has already been launched into the market. There are various strategies involved in marketing and this includes understanding the general market of the product/service, consumer trends and needs, etc.

There are various types of marketing which may include face-to-face marketing, digital marketing, etc. Marketing jobs offers candidates ample opportunity to improve on their skills and have adequate career growth.

Sales and marketing job are quite similar but there are some key differences between these two types of jobs. While marketing tends to place emphasis on moving products or services from the manufacturer to the market usually through campaigns, sales on the other hand places emphasis on moving products and services from the market to the customers.

But take note that some companies do not separate the two functions.

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