Jobs Today at Vitafoam Nigeria PLC, Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) and Eunisell Limited

Jobs Today at Vitafoam Nigeria PLC, Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) and Eunisell Limited.

1. Vitafoam Nigeria PLC

Job Title: Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Manager

Link: Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Manager at Vitafoam Nigeria PLC

Vitafoam Nigeria PLC is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane foam products, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The company specializes in producing foam products for various applications. The Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Manager role is central in ensuring that the organization maintains high standards in quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. By joining Vitafoam Nigeria PLC as a Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Manager, you’ll play a vital role in upholding the company’s reputation for excellence.

2. Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI)

Job Title: Administrative Officer

Link: Administrative Officer at Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI)

Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) is a global development company that provides solutions to various challenges, including economic development, governance, and sustainability. The organization works on projects worldwide to create positive social impact. The Administrative Officer role is pivotal in supporting the smooth operation of administrative functions within DAI. By joining DAI as an Administrative Officer, you’ll contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s projects and initiatives.

3. Eunisell Limited

Job Title: HR Admin Manager

Link: HR Admin Manager at Eunisell Limited

Eunisell Limited is a leading provider of specialty chemicals and solutions in the African market. The company is known for its dedication to delivering quality products and services. The HR Admin Manager role is instrumental in managing human resources and administrative functions within the organization. By joining Eunisell Limited as an HR Admin Manager, you’ll play a crucial role in talent management, HR operations, and contributing to the company’s growth and success.