Here are Job Opportunities at Tik Tok, uLesson and Providus Bank PLC.

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1. TikTok

Job Title: Content Partnerships Manager (Sport), West Africa

Link: Content Partnerships Manager (Sport), West Africa at TikTok

TikTok is a globally renowned social media platform that’s known for its short-form video content and creative community. The platform has a strong presence in West Africa and fosters a dynamic environment. The Content Partnerships Manager (Sport), West Africa role is central in developing partnerships with sports-related content creators and organizations. By joining TikTok in this role, you’ll be at the forefront of the platform’s engagement with the sports community, contributing to its growth and influence.

2. uLesson

Job Title: Telesales Manager

Link: Telesales Manager at uLesson

uLesson is an innovative educational technology company that focuses on providing quality learning resources to students in Africa. The company leverages technology to deliver engaging educational content. The Telesales Manager role is instrumental in managing telesales teams to promote uLesson’s educational offerings. By joining uLesson as a Telesales Manager, you’ll contribute to the company’s mission of enhancing educational access and outcomes for students across the continent.

3. Providus Bank PLC

Job Title: International Payment and Remittance Manager

Link: International Payment and Remittance Manager at Providus Bank PLC

Providus Bank PLC is a leading Nigerian financial institution with a focus on providing innovative banking solutions and excellent customer service. The bank has a strong international presence. The International Payment and Remittance Manager role is pivotal in managing international payment and remittance services. By joining Providus Bank PLC in this capacity, you’ll play a crucial role in facilitating cross-border financial transactions and contributing to the bank’s global reach and success.

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