Jobs at Konga and Greengates Group Limited

Here are jobs today at Konga and Greengates Group Limited

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1. Konga

Job Title: Online Merchandizing Officer

Link: Online Merchandizing Officer at Konga

Konga is a renowned e-commerce platform in Nigeria, offering a wide range of products to online shoppers. The Online Merchandizing Officer role is essential in managing and enhancing the online shopping experience for Konga’s customers. By joining Konga as an Online Merchandizing Officer, you’ll be at the forefront of curating and showcasing products, ensuring customers have access to the best offerings.

2. Konga

Job Title: Merchant Engagement Officer

Link: Merchant Engagement Officer at Konga

Within the dynamic e-commerce landscape, Konga actively engages with merchants to expand its product offerings. The Merchant Engagement Officer role is instrumental in building strong relationships with merchants and helping them succeed on the platform. By joining Konga as a Merchant Engagement Officer, you’ll play a key role in fostering collaboration between the platform and its merchant partners.

3. Greengates Group Limited

Job Title: Hotel Manager

Link: Hotel Manager at Greengates Group Limited

Greengates Group Limited is a respected player in the hospitality industry, known for its commitment to providing excellent accommodations and services. The Hotel Manager role is pivotal in overseeing the day-to-day operations and ensuring the highest standards of guest satisfaction. By joining Greengates Group Limited as a Hotel Manager, you’ll lead a team in delivering exceptional experiences to guests and maintaining the hotel’s reputation for excellence.