Jobs at International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO), Dangote Group and Fact Foundation

Here are Jobs at International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO), Dangote Group and Fact Foundation.

1. International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO)

Job Title: Safety Advisor (Mobile)

Link: Safety Advisor (Mobile) at International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO)

The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is a highly respected non-profit organization that provides support and services to humanitarian and non-governmental organizations operating in complex and high-risk environments. INSO plays a crucial role in enhancing the safety and security of personnel working in challenging areas. The Safety Advisor (Mobile) position involves providing security advice and assistance to aid workers and organizations. By joining INSO as a Safety Advisor (Mobile), you’ll contribute to the safety and well-being of those delivering humanitarian aid in some of the world’s most challenging contexts.

2. Dangote Group

Job Title: Treasury Analyst (Foreign Payment)

Link: Treasury Analyst (Foreign Payment) at Dangote Group

Dangote Group is one of Africa’s largest and most diversified business conglomerates, with interests in various sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, and infrastructure. Known for its commitment to innovation and growth, Dangote Group is a key player in driving economic development across the continent. The Treasury Analyst (Foreign Payment) role is instrumental in managing foreign payments and financial transactions. By joining Dangote Group as a Treasury Analyst, you’ll contribute to the financial integrity of the company and support its mission to promote economic growth.

3. FACT Foundation

Job Title: Research Intern (PEARL Unit)

Link: Research Intern (PEARL Unit) at FACT Foundation

FACT Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing support and resources to promote community development and social impact initiatives in Nigeria. The organization is committed to creating positive change in various sectors. The Research Intern (PEARL Unit) position offers an opportunity for individuals to gain hands-on experience in research and data analysis, contributing to impactful projects. By joining FACT Foundation as a Research Intern, you’ll be part of a team dedicated to driving positive change and development in Nigerian communities.