Jobs at Dangote Group, Reliable Plastic, Polaris Bank and World Health Organization (WHO)

Here are Jobs in Nigeria Today at Dangote Group, Reliable Plastic, Polaris Bank and World Health Organization (WHO)

1. Dangote Group – Fleet HR & Admin Manager: The Dangote Group, a renowned conglomerate with global impact, is actively in pursuit of a Fleet HR & Admin Manager. This role holds great significance as it involves overseeing the human resources and administrative aspects of the group’s fleet operations. The Fleet HR & Admin Manager will be responsible for ensuring the smooth coordination of personnel and administrative functions within the fleet division, contributing to the group’s efficient and effective operations.

2. Reliable Plastic – Graduate Trainee (Production): Reliable Plastic, a prominent player in the manufacturing sector, is extending an opportunity for fresh graduates through their Graduate Trainee Programme in the Production department. This program offers an immersive learning experience within the manufacturing landscape. As a Graduate Trainee in Production, individuals will be exposed to the intricacies of production processes, quality control, and operational efficiency, setting the stage for a promising career in manufacturing.

3. Polaris Bank – Digital Banking Control Officer: Polaris Bank, a dynamic player in the banking industry, is currently recruiting a Digital Banking Control Officer. In today’s tech-driven world, this role is crucial to ensure the secure and compliant operation of digital banking services. The Digital Banking Control Officer will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring the integrity of digital transactions and platforms, contributing to the bank’s commitment to innovation with a focus on safety and compliance.

4. World Health Organization (WHO) – Gender Data Assistant: The World Health Organization (WHO), a global authority on health, is seeking a Gender Data Assistant to join their team. In today’s world, the importance of gender-sensitive data is paramount. The Gender Data Assistant will play a pivotal role in assisting with the collection, analysis, and management of gender-specific health data, supporting the WHO’s mission to ensure equitable and inclusive health outcomes for all.