Here are jobs today at Nigerian Electricity Supply Corporation Limited, Resource Intermediaries Limited (RIL) and Aquada Development Corporation

1. Resource Intermediaries Limited (RIL)

Job Title: Teller

Application Link: Teller at Resource Intermediaries Limited (RIL)

Resource Intermediaries Limited (RIL) is a reputable human resource consulting firm that specializes in providing businesses with the right talent to drive their growth and success. With a commitment to connecting employers with skilled professionals, RIL plays a pivotal role in shaping the workforce landscape. The current opening for a Teller signifies the company’s dedication to supporting the banking and financial sector. As a Teller at RIL, you will contribute to efficient customer service, cash handling, and transactions, making you an essential component of the financial services ecosystem.

2. Aquada Development Corporation

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Application Link: Administrative Assistant at Aquada Development Corporation

Aquada Development Corporation is a forward-thinking company focused on driving innovation and development across various sectors. The Administrative Assistant role within the corporation is a cornerstone of organizational efficiency. As an Administrative Assistant, you will contribute to streamlining operations, coordinating tasks, and ensuring seamless communication. Aquada Development Corporation’s commitment to progress and growth is evident through this job opportunity, where you’ll be an integral part of their journey towards continued success.

3. Nigerian Electricity Supply Corporation Limited

Job Title: Procurement Officer

Application Link: Procurement Officer at Nigerian Electricity Supply Corporation Limited

The Nigerian Electricity Supply Corporation Limited is a significant player in the energy sector, responsible for ensuring the supply of electricity to communities and businesses. The role of a Procurement Officer is pivotal in maintaining the corporation’s operations by managing the acquisition of essential goods and services. By joining as a Procurement Officer, you’ll be contributing to the efficient functioning of the electricity supply chain, thereby supporting the nation’s energy needs and economic growth.

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