Employment Opportunities at 9Mobile, International Breweries and Mopheth Nigeria Limited

Here are Employment Opportunities at 9Mobile, International Breweries and Mopheth Nigeria Limited.

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1. Mopheth Nigeria Limited – Administrative Officer (Operations Monitoring and Reporting): Mopheth Nigeria Limited, a prominent entity in its field, is currently in search of an Administrative Officer specializing in Operations Monitoring and Reporting. In this capacity, the individual will play a critical role in overseeing and assessing operational processes and providing valuable insights through detailed reporting. This position requires a keen eye for detail, organizational acumen, and the ability to optimize business operations.

2. International Breweries Plc – Safety Environment Facilitator: International Breweries Plc, a reputable player in the brewing industry, is actively seeking a Safety Environment Facilitator. Safety and environmental compliance are of paramount importance in their operations, making this role integral to maintaining the highest standards. The Safety Environment Facilitator will be responsible for fostering a culture of safety, ensuring adherence to environmental regulations, and implementing safety programs to protect employees and the environment.

3. 9mobile – Specialist, Supply Chain: 9mobile, a leading telecommunications company, is actively recruiting a Specialist in Supply Chain. This role revolves around managing and optimizing the supply chain operations to ensure efficient procurement, distribution, and overall logistics management. The Specialist, Supply Chain, will contribute to the company’s ability to deliver high-quality services and products by streamlining the flow of resources and materials.

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