Opportunities at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Nestle and Tincan Island Container Terminal (TICT)

Here are great opportunities at Opportunities at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Nestle and Tincan Island Container Terminal (TICT).

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1. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Job Title: Logistics Assistant

Link: Logistics Assistant at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is a global organization committed to sustainable development and poverty reduction worldwide. UNDP operates in numerous countries, focusing on creating positive change through various initiatives. The Logistics Assistant role is crucial in supporting UNDP’s operations and ensuring efficient logistical processes. By joining UNDP as a Logistics Assistant, you’ll contribute to the organization’s mission of making the world a better place through sustainable development and humanitarian efforts.

2. Tincan Island Container Terminal (TICT)

Job Title: Shift Operation Manager

Link: Shift Operation Manager at Tincan Island Container Terminal (TICT)

Tincan Island Container Terminal (TICT) is a leading container terminal operator in Nigeria, providing efficient and reliable services to the shipping industry. The company plays a pivotal role in Nigeria’s maritime sector. The Shift Operation Manager role is central in overseeing terminal operations and ensuring smooth cargo handling. By joining TICT as a Shift Operation Manager, you’ll be at the forefront of maritime logistics, contributing to efficient trade and port operations.

3. Nestlé Nigeria PLC

Job Title: Technical Training Programme 2023

Link: Nestlé Nigeria PLC Technical Training Programme 2023

Nestlé Nigeria PLC is a well-established multinational food and beverage company known for its commitment to enhancing the quality of life of people everywhere. The company operates with a focus on quality, nutrition, and sustainability. The Technical Training Programme 2023 offers aspiring professionals the opportunity to undergo comprehensive technical training in various fields. By joining Nestlé Nigeria’s Technical Training Programme, you’ll embark on a journey of skill development and contribute to the company’s legacy of delivering high-quality products to consumers.