Nestle CWAR Nesternship and Jobs at Boomplay and Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)

  • Boomplay – Business Development Manager

    Boomplay is a prominent music streaming and entertainment platform, particularly popular in Africa. As a Business Development Manager at Boomplay, you would be working with a dynamic team in the music and technology industry. Your role would likely involve expanding partnerships, driving growth strategies, and contributing to the platform’s success in the competitive digital music market.

Link: Business Development Manager at Boomplay

  • Nestle Nigeria Plc – CWAR Nesternship 2023

    Nestle Nigeria Plc is part of the global Nestle Group, one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. The CWAR Nesternship program is likely a specialized internship program designed to provide young talents with valuable experience and exposure to the food industry. It could cover various aspects of Nestle’s operations, from marketing and sales to production and supply chain.

Link: CWAR Nesternship 2023 at Nestle Nigeria Plc

  • Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) – Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon 2023

    The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is the regulatory authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The “Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon 2023” suggests that NCC is actively seeking innovative and tech-savvy individuals to participate in a hackathon-style event. This event likely aims to discover and nurture technological talent to address challenges and drive innovation in the Nigerian telecommunications sector.

Link: Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon 2023 at Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)

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