Jobs at PZ Cussons, Mondelez International and International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO)

1. Technical Manager at PZ Cussons

Link: Technical Manager at PZ Cussons

Introduction: PZ Cussons is a well-known consumer goods company with a global presence. They are currently seeking a Technical Manager. In a company like PZ Cussons, a Technical Manager is typically responsible for overseeing technical aspects of production and product quality. They ensure that products meet quality and safety standards, manage production processes, and drive innovation in product development.

2. Sales Development Manager at Mondelez International

Link: Sales Development Manager at Mondelez International

Introduction: Mondelez International is a major player in the global food and snacks industry. They are in search of a Sales Development Manager. In this role, you’d usually be responsible for managing sales teams, developing sales strategies, and driving business growth. You’d work with a diverse portfolio of iconic brands.

3. Finance Assistant at International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO)

Link: Finance Assistant at INSO

Introduction: The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is a non-profit organization that supports the safety and security of humanitarian aid workers in challenging environments. They’re currently looking for a Finance Assistant. In this role, you’d typically support financial operations, such as financial reporting, budget tracking, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Working with an international NGO often involves a focus on humanitarian and security aspects.