Job Opportunities at Promasidor

Promasidor – We are an African company proud of our heritage and totally committed to the continent. We manufacture, market and sell unique brands which bring practicality and pleasure to millions of consumers across Africa.

We are currently recruiting to fill the following vacant positions:

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1. Production Supervisor at Promasidor

Link: Production Supervisor at Promasidor

The Production Supervisor at Promasidor plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing the production process. They are responsible for ensuring that production targets are met, maintaining quality standards, and implementing efficient manufacturing practices. This role involves supervising the production team, coordinating with various departments, and ensuring adherence to safety and regulatory standards.

2. Treasury Coordinator (Trade and Payment Specialist) at Promasidor

Link: Treasury Coordinator (Trade and Payment Specialist) at Promasidor

The Treasury Coordinator (Trade and Payment Specialist) at Promasidor is a key position within the finance department. This role involves managing trade finance activities, handling payment processes, and ensuring efficient treasury operations. The coordinator is responsible for maintaining relationships with financial institutions, managing cash flows, and implementing effective treasury strategies to support the company’s financial objectives.