Job Opportunities at HR Aid, International Breweries Plc and Freedom Fund

Here are Job Opportunities at HR Aid, International Breweries Plc and Freedom Fund.

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  • HR Aid – Key Account Manager (Cybersecurity):

Company Overview: HR Aid is a reputable human resources consulting firm that provides various HR services to organizations. They assist businesses in managing their human capital effectively and efficiently. In this case, HR Aid is recruiting for a cybersecurity-related role, which suggests their involvement in staffing for IT and security-related positions.

Job Title: Key Account Manager (Cybersecurity)

Link: HR Aid Key Account Manager (Cybersecurity) Job

  • International Breweries Plc – Trade Marketing Representative:

Company Overview: International Breweries Plc is a well-known brewing company operating in Nigeria. They are part of the AB InBev family, one of the world’s largest brewing companies. International Breweries produces a range of popular beverages and is committed to delivering quality products to its consumers.

Job Title: Trade Marketing Representative

Link: International Breweries Trade Marketing Representative Job

  • The Freedom Fund – Program Advisor:

Company Overview: The Freedom Fund is a global organization dedicated to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking. They work to identify and support grassroots organizations and initiatives that aim to end forced labor and human exploitation. The program advisor role indicates their involvement in supporting and advising on anti-slavery programs.

Job Title: Program Advisor

Link: The Freedom Fund Program Advisor Job

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