Human Resources Coordinator at The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)

The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) is an independent humanitarian medical NGO that was created in 2009 by professionals of humanitarian medicine. ALIMA’s mission is to provide medical care in emergency situations or medical catastrophes.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Human Resources Coordinator

Location: Abuja
Contract term: 6 months, renewable
Desired start date: July 2023

Functional and Hierachial Links

  • Line Manager: Head of Mission;
  • Technical Referent: Human Resources Referent Desk HQ
  • •Staff under his/her hierarchical responsibility: HR Manager, HR Assistant. He/She is functionally responsible for the HR aspects of the Project Administrative Managers (Admin)
  • He/She collaborates with the Coordinators (Capital and field).

Protection of Beneficiaries and Community Members

  • Level 3: As part of his/her duties, the incumbent will visit programs and come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. Therefore, a criminal record check or a certificate of good character will be required. In situations where a criminal record check or character reference is not possible, a declaration of honor will be requested.

Main Missions

  • To ensure the proper management of the mission’s human resources in accordance with the ALIMA management framework and local legislation;
  • To be the leader in defining Human Resources strategy and advising managers;
  • Be the focal point with the administrative authorities (Labour Inspectorate, Lawyer, Social Security, Taxes, etc.);
  • Represent ALIMA in inter-NGO administrative forums.

Main Activities

  • Administrative management of the mission, legal monitoring
  • Ensure that the legal documents are updated for the proper functioning of ALIMA;
  • Ensure annual registration of lease contracts, house contracts, coordination and projects;
  • Initiate the definition and revision of documents, procedures and policies for which he/she is responsible in accordance with local legislation and ALIMA procedures;
  • Participate in the elaboration of the agreement protocols between ALIMA and the partners;
  • Produce the monthly report of the mission on the human resources and administrative aspects.
  • Ensure the legal monitoring of the mission by creating and maintaining a network of relevant information in its areas of responsibility and in particular on labor and tax legislation;
  • Contribute to the definition, validation and application of documents, procedures and policies for personnel management (internal regulations, contracts, recruitment policies, etc.);

Administrative Management of Human Resources:

  • Ensure the rigorous application of the recruitment policy at all bases and for all positions, from identifying the need to archiving recruitment files;
  • Provide training to Administrate managers on ALIMA procedures, good recruitment practices, and recruitment techniques;
  • Conduct a general induction of ALIMA and the mission for Admins, supporting the updating of the project section, and ensuring that each collaborator benefits from this induction;
  • Ensure that new employees recruited at the base are briefed on internal regulations, the code of good conduct, the anti-fraud policy, and the policy for the prevention of harassment and sexual and gender-based violence;
  • Ensure that stakeholders understand and implement the induction process on the mission (coordination and bases) and provide HR induction for all managers.
  • Participate in the recruitment process for base managers, ensuring HR validation;
  • Participate in the recruitment process for bases upon request from the PC and/or the Admins;
  • Provide recruitment tests to Admins and team leaders when required or recommended;

Employment Contract and Follow-up:

  • Ensure that personnel files are complete and maintained in electronic format;
  • Implement and maintain efficient contract monitoring tools and ensure that Admins use them (monitoring of contract dates, leave, etc.).

Payment of Wages, Taxes and Social Security Contributions:

  • Supervise the use of the payroll software and train the Admins on their responsibilities;
  • Validate payrolls each month for each base.

Life and Team Composition:

  • Support the organization of monthly staff meetings;
  • Support project coordinators and department managers in defining the composition of their teams;
  • Update and share mission organization charts with the bases, coordination and headquarters on a monthly basis;
  • Participates in the elaboration of the mission’s budgets for the HR part (organization chart, salary, bonuses…), international transport, rent.
  • Participate in staff representative / coordination meetings;
  • Participates in the resolution of work conflicts in collaboration with project coordinators, Admins and team leaders.
  • Operational Human Resources Management

Quality Management of Personnel:
Job Profile – Performance Objective Plan – Review:

  • Provide Admins and team leaders with standard job profiles;
  • Ensure that updated job profiles are available for each employee and that each employee has read and signed them, support the Admins and team leaders in case of blockage;
  • Train team leaders in the use of POP documents and reports;
  • Check that team leaders set objectives at the beginning of the period and carry out staff reviews at the end of the period;
  • Analyze personnel reviews from a career path perspective.

Training and Capacity Building:

  • Develop an evaluation report including the training needs expressed;
  • Be proactive in identifying sources of funding for training, and in identifying collaborations with other NGOs, training organizations present in the country;
  • To be responsible for the organization of training taking place in the coordination or in the city of the coordination;
  • Accompany the capacity building of all employees in support of team leaders;
  • Collect data related to the training provided in the field and propose an analysis of these data;
  • Apply post-training monitoring and evaluation methods to measure impact;
  • Liaise with the Head of Training at headquarters.
  • Specific management of international staff
  • Support the organization of training courses held at the base or at headquarters;
  • Propose and anticipate the secondment of personnel to other ALIMA missions;


  • In liaison with the administrative department in Dakar, ensure the administrative follow-up of the international staff: briefing and debriefing, arrival and departure dates, paid holidays, passports, visas and plane tickets;
  • Monitor contract dates and bring to the attention of line managers at least 3 months in advance;
  • Ensures that the files of internationals are prepared and provides the necessary documents for those who do not have them (ALIMA card, mission order, residence permit, etc.);
  • Organize visitor briefings.
  • In collaboration with the HR Manager, ensures the renewal of expatriate visas, security visas and/or any other legal documents required by the police and the Ministry (Agreement, Convention with the Ministry of Trustees, Request for entry permit…);

Recruitment and follow-up:

  • Support the Head of Mission and the project coordinators in the planning of the breaks and provide a monitoring tool;
  • In collaboration with the administrators, alert for interim and final reviews;
  • Ensure the transmission of reports and end-of-assignment reports to the HR desk officer;
  • Support the Head of Mission in the management of human resources of expatriate staff (conflict management, anticipation of recruitment, drafting of job profiles, etc.).

Team management and leadership:

  • Set up an HR department for coordination with recruitment and training of a national team
  • Define job profiles and performance objectives for team members;
  • Propose and anticipate secondments
  • Promote staff mobility (internal and external) within the framework of the policies in force
  • Identify the skills that team members need to acquire in order to master their positions and organize training to reinforce them
  • Organize and lead team meetings.
  • To carry out the assessments of its team in an approach of professional course;
  • Facilitating training actions to develop/reinforce team skills on HR and cross-functional themes
  • Propose and support job changes in accordance with ALIMA policies


  • Develop an evaluation report including the training needs expressed;
  • Produce the monthly HR report and related documents.

Implementation of preventive measures against abuse of power, gender-based and sexual violence (PSEA):

  • Support the Head of Mission in the implementation of the  PSEA action plan;
  • Implementing standards for abuse prevention, including safe recruitment procedures;
  • Ensure that team members attend training and awareness sessions and follow abuse prevention rules;
  • To help create and maintain a nurturing and protective environment.
  • This job description is not exhaustive and may be modified as the mission evolves.

Skills and Experience

  • Previous experience in the humanitarian field, in the position of Human Resources Coordinator
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar position
  • Experience in emergency and degraded security contexts is highly desirable


  • Training in Human Resources Management


  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Organizational skills, rigor and autonomy
  • Writing skills
  • Adaptability and diplomacy
  • Ability to work as a team in multicultural contexts
  • Training and coaching skills
  • Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel…)
  • Knowledge of HOMERE software
  • Ability to prioritize and work under pressure


  • Fluency in English. Speaking French is an asset


  • Depending on experience + Per Diem

ALIMA pays for :

  • Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location
  • Accomodation costs
  • Evacuation of the employee.
  • Medical cover from the first day of the contrat to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee and their dependents

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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  • Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. ALIMA reserves the right to close the offer before the initial deadline if an application is accepted. Only complete applications (CV in PDF format + cover letter in PDF format) will be considered.
  • Female candidates are strongly encourages to apply