Jobs at Miva Open University, The Bank Directors Association of Nigeria (BDAN) and Marriott International

Here are Jobs at Miva Open University, The Bank Directors Association of Nigeria (BDAN) and Marriott International.

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1. Miva Open University

Job Title: Subject Matter Expert (Sciences)

Link: Subject Matter Expert (Sciences) at Miva Open University

Miva Open University is a modern and innovative institution dedicated to providing quality education through online learning. The university focuses on making education accessible to a global audience. The Subject Matter Expert (Sciences) role is crucial in developing and delivering high-quality course content in the field of sciences. By joining Miva Open University as a Subject Matter Expert, you’ll contribute to the institution’s mission of providing a world-class education to learners worldwide.

2. The Bank Directors Association of Nigeria (BDAN)

Job Title: Accounts and Administrative Officer

Link: Accounts and Administrative Officer at The Bank Directors Association of Nigeria (BDAN)

The Bank Directors Association of Nigeria (BDAN) is an esteemed organization that brings together leaders in the banking and financial industry. The association plays a pivotal role in shaping the sector. The Accounts and Administrative Officer role is integral in managing financial accounts and providing administrative support to the organization. By joining BDAN as an Accounts and Administrative Officer, you’ll contribute to the smooth operation of the association and support its mission of promoting excellence in banking.

3. Marriott International

Job Title: Maintenance Officer

Link: Maintenance Officer at Marriott International

Marriott International is a renowned global hospitality company known for its portfolio of luxurious hotels and resorts. The company is committed to providing exceptional guest experiences. The Maintenance Officer role is essential in ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of Marriott’s properties to meet the highest standards. By joining Marriott International as a Maintenance Officer, you’ll play a crucial role in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for guests in one of the world’s leading hotel chains.