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Enugu State Jobs in Nigeria

There are many career opportunities in Enugu State and on this tag, users can find various job and career related information which are located in Enugu State.

The state is located in the South east geopolitical zone of Nigeria, and it is bothered by several states which includes Ebonyi to the east, Anambra to the west, bothered to the south by Abia and finally Enugu is bothered to the north by Benue and Kogi state.

The state adopted the name of its capital as its name “Enugu”.

Enugu can boast of good road networks and secured environment, which makes it a good place to work and because of these, many companies are situating their businesses in Enugu. So, Enugu is a top destination in case you are thinking about taking up a job there.

Enugu state is blessed with abundant resources which includes coal, gas, ironstone, clay, limestone,just to mention a few. This has made Enugu a top destination for various companies which has also led to the creation of employment opportunities in the beautiful State of Enugu. This coupled the population of over four million people, makes the State a vibrant state and with a huge market, which has further attracted various businesses far and near to invest in the state.

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