Nigerian Graduate Jobs

Nigerian Graduate Jobs

Fresh and recent graduates in Nigeria, often find searching for graduate job positions in Nigeria challenging as most organizations need candidates with experience, however this is not totally true as some companies and organizations in Nigeria still seek for fresh and recent graduates to fill various positions, especially through programmes such Graduate Trainee-ship, internships, etc.

Across various organizations and industries in Nigeria, which include medicine,banking, Accounting, ICT, Engineering, military, trade and commerce etc, Fresh and recent graduate are from time to time are recruited. Some graduates are sometimes recruited via special programs such as the graduate trainee programs and then after training get placed into permanent positions in the organization.

The challenges that Fresh and recent graduates usually face when searching for graduate jobs are that most Nigerian graduate jobs (Fresh and Recent graduate) do not come advertised frequently and the number of graduate coming out from Nigerian institutions yearly is high compared to the available job positions for such graduates to be engaged in. Organizations also tend to shy away from recruiting fresh and recent graduate because they feel they lack the required skills as they say our University system do not equip these graduates fully for the workplace and then they the organization would have to do a lot of retraining and development of graduates coming out of Nigerian Universities.

Therefore we advice fresh and recent graduate to endeavor to equip themselves with required skills during and after school, such as belonging to professional bodies within your field of studies such as ICAN, CMD, NIM etc. Candidates can as well belong to bodies which help to connect candidates to internships while in school such as AISEC. Use every opportunity to get some experience and you can even take up unpaid internships in order to get some experience.

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