Job vacancies in nigeria for fresh graduates

Search for job vacancies in nigeria for fresh graduates ?

To search for Job vacancies in nigeria for fresh graduates can sometimes be a very difficult task due to the fact that most employers are looking for candidates with numerous years of experience or professionals. So in order to make your CV more appealing to recruiters, you need to ensure you have an impressive academic record and try to get adequate professional certification to boost your CV. For example if you are an accounting fresh graduate, try to get professional certifications such as ACCA, ICAN, etc.

Don’t hesitate to take up paid or unpaid internships, this will help you gain experience and improve your CV, if you take an unpaid internship job, do not hesitate to put in your best, remember the knowledge and experience you gain is a gold mine.

If you are an entrepreneurial and business minded individual, put up a small business, learn on your own business and gather professionalism from relevant professional bodies for example if you are a computer Engineering graduate and decide to go into PC repairs as a small business endeavor to gain IT related professional certifications from well recognized professional institutes you can also take up non-IT related professional courses such as Project Management

Also endeavor to attend career seminars, so many seminars are organized by companies or recruitment firms for free, so always be on the look out for such seminars or career events, they help connect candidates to employers.

While attending career seminars or events endeavor to get your CV evaluated by the facilitators, this helps to spot common mistakes seen on resumes, you can then edit your CV appropriately and get it better organized.

Make sure you join career social networks such as LinkedIn, they will help you build a professional social network profile, try to get connected to people in HR and have them added to your Professional social network.

Lastly try to use job search portals such as our to search for Job vacancies in Nigeria for fresh graduates and visit regularly for regular job updates.