Media Operations Manager at Linkcredit Fintech

Job Title:Media operations manager

Primary Responsibilities:
*Advertising Content Strategy Planning: Develop advertising content strategies to ensure alignment with the company’s marketing objectives and brand image.
*Manage the content creation and editing team, responsible for brand marketing content creation, including organizing script writing, planning shooting schedules, video editing, and ensuring the quality and attractiveness of content delivered on various media.
*Participate in the management of advertising campaign deployment data analysis meetings to understand the company’s advertising effectiveness and market trends. Produce more suitable and excellent advertising videos and images to optimize advertising results.
*Manage advertising budgets to ensure optimal advertising effectiveness within budget constraints.
*Social Media Management: Manage and maintain the company’s accounts on various social media platforms. Develop and execute social media strategies to enhance the brand’s influence on social media.
*Continuously monitor industry and market trends, understand market dynamics, and provide effective information to the HQ advertising deployment team for timely strategy adjustments to cope with market changes.

*Bachelor’s degree or above in marketing, advertising, or a related field.
*Over 3 years of experience in advertising media operations or a related field, with a preference for candidates with successful advertising campaign cases.
*Innovative thinking, able to develop innovative advertising strategies to attract target audiences.
*Excellent communication and teamwork skills, as well as good time management skills to effectively communicate and collaborate with internal teams and external partners.
*Good project management and organizational skills, able to effectively manage multiple advertising creation projects.
Possess a certain level of data analysis skills, able to extract valuable information from advertising data.
*In-depth understanding of digital marketing and new media.

How to apply

Qualified Candidates should apply via this email: [email protected]