Latest Jobs in Nigeria Today

Here are some interesting updates on available jobs in Nigeria.

View the few details below:

  1. Retail and Terminal Maintenance Supervisor at Sahara Group: Sahara Group is a global energy and infrastructure conglomerate with operations in multiple countries across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. As a Retail and Terminal Maintenance Supervisor, your role will involve overseeing the maintenance activities at Sahara Group’s retail outlets and terminals. This includes ensuring the proper functioning of equipment, managing maintenance schedules, coordinating with maintenance teams, and implementing safety protocols to maintain operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  2. Finance and Administrative Officer at Aspen Energy Nigeria Limited: Aspen Energy Nigeria Limited is an integrated energy company operating in Nigeria. As a Finance and Administrative Officer, you will be responsible for managing financial transactions, preparing financial reports, budgeting, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, you will handle administrative tasks such as office management, procurement, and HR support, contributing to the smooth functioning of the organization’s operations.
  3. Various Positions at Adexen Recruitment Agency: Adexen Recruitment Agency is hiring for multiple positions at a prominent Civil Construction group in Nigeria. One of the positions available is that of a Project Manager. As a Project Manager, you will oversee construction projects, manage budgets and timelines, coordinate with subcontractors and suppliers, and ensure quality standards are met. Other positions may include roles in engineering, procurement, and construction management.
  4. Business Development Manager at Youverify: Youverify is a leading provider of digital identity management solutions catering to various sectors such as private security companies, government agencies, FinTech companies, and banks. As a Business Development Manager, your role will involve identifying new business opportunities, developing and maintaining client relationships, negotiating contracts, and contributing to the company’s growth strategy through market analysis and innovative solutions.
  5. Job Opportunities at Pan African Towers Limited: Pan African Towers Limited is a telecommunications infrastructure and wireless service facilitator operating in Africa. The company offers various job opportunities across different functions such as engineering, operations, sales, and administration. Roles may include positions in tower maintenance, network operations, business development, and project management, contributing to the expansion and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure across the continent.