Jobs at Tincan Island Container Terminal, PZ Cussons and Nairametrics

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1. Tincan Island Container Terminal

Job Title: Assistant Safety Manager

Link: Assistant Safety Manager at Tincan Island Container Terminal

Tincan Island Container Terminal is a key player in the maritime and logistics industry in Nigeria. Known for its commitment to efficiency and safety in handling containerized cargo, the terminal is a vital part of the country’s trade infrastructure. The role of an Assistant Safety Manager is central to ensuring that safety standards and protocols are upheld throughout the terminal’s operations. Joining Tincan Island Container Terminal as an Assistant Safety Manager means being part of a team dedicated to the safety and security of goods and people in the port environment.

2. PZ Cussons

Job Title: Research and Development (R&D) Technologist

Link: R&D Technologist at PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons is a multinational consumer goods company with a presence in various markets, including personal care, home care, and beauty. Known for its innovation and quality products, PZ Cussons plays a significant role in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry. The Research and Development (R&D) Technologist role is pivotal in driving innovation and product development. As an R&D Technologist at PZ Cussons, you’ll be part of a team focused on creating new and improved products that meet consumer needs and market demands.

3. Nairametrics

Job Title: HR Manager

Link: HR Manager at Nairametrics

Nairametrics is a reputable financial media and business intelligence platform that provides valuable insights and information about the Nigerian and global economy. With a commitment to delivering accurate and timely financial news and analysis, Nairametrics serves as a valuable resource for businesses and individuals. The role of an HR Manager is instrumental in managing human resources, talent acquisition, and fostering a positive work environment. As an HR Manager at Nairametrics, you’ll contribute to the organization’s growth and success by building and nurturing its human capital.