Jobs at Stellar Beverages Limited, Jumia and Oriki

1. Customer Service Supervisor at Oriki Link: Customer Service Supervisor at Oriki Job Title: Customer Service Supervisor

Oriki, a prominent company operating in the beauty and skincare industry, is currently on the lookout for a Customer Service Supervisor. This role provides an exciting opportunity for individuals who excel in providing exceptional customer experiences. As a Customer Service Supervisor, you’ll play a key role in overseeing and leading a team of customer service representatives, ensuring that customers receive top-notch assistance and support. Oriki’s focus on beauty and skincare aligns with a commitment to enhancing customers’ well-being and self-confidence, making this role a rewarding avenue for those passionate about beauty and customer care.

2. Production Manager at Stellar Beverages Limited Link: Production Manager at Stellar Beverages Limited Job Title: Production Manager

Stellar Beverages Limited, a renowned player in the beverage manufacturing industry, is in search of a Production Manager. This position presents an exciting opportunity for individuals with a keen interest in production processes and quality control. As a Production Manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the production operations, ensuring that beverage products meet high-quality standards and are produced efficiently. Stellar Beverages Limited’s reputation for delivering refreshing and enjoyable beverages aligns with the Production Manager’s role in upholding excellence in every sip, making this role a vital component of the company’s success.

3. Payment Operations Associate at Jumia Link: Payment Operations Associate at Jumia Job Title: Payment Operations Associate

Jumia, a well-known e-commerce platform operating across Africa, is currently hiring for the role of Payment Operations Associate. This opportunity is ideal for individuals who are interested in the intricate world of payment processing within the e-commerce sector. As a Payment Operations Associate, you’ll be involved in the crucial task of managing payment transactions, ensuring smooth and secure financial operations for Jumia’s customers and partners. Jumia’s reputation as a leading e-commerce player offers a unique chance to contribute to the seamless shopping experience of millions, making this role an essential part of the company’s growth and customer satisfaction.