Jobs at Providus Bank PLC, ApplyBoard and Saro Oil Palm Limited

Here are jobs at Providus Bank PLC, ApplyBoard and Saro Oil Palm Limited.

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1. Providus Bank PLC

Job Title: Talent Acquisition Specialist

Link: Talent Acquisition Specialist at Providus Bank PLC

Providus Bank PLC is a prominent Nigerian financial institution known for its commitment to innovation and customer-centric services. The bank has a strong presence both locally and internationally. The Talent Acquisition Specialist role is pivotal in sourcing, attracting, and selecting top talent to support the bank’s growth and development. By joining Providus Bank as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, you’ll be at the forefront of building a high-performing workforce and contributing to the bank’s continued success.

2. ApplyBoard

Job Title: International Recruitment Officer

Link: International Recruitment Officer at ApplyBoard

ApplyBoard is a global education technology company that connects international students and recruitment partners with educational institutions around the world. The company is dedicated to simplifying the study abroad process. The International Recruitment Officer role is instrumental in connecting students with educational opportunities abroad. By joining ApplyBoard as an International Recruitment Officer, you’ll play a crucial role in helping students achieve their academic and career aspirations through international education.

3. Saro Oil Palm Limited

Job Title: Plantation Agronomist Trainee

Link: Plantation Agronomist Trainee at Saro Oil Palm Limited

Saro Oil Palm Limited is a leading agribusiness company in Nigeria, specializing in the cultivation and processing of oil palm products. The company is committed to sustainable agriculture and responsible farming practices. The Plantation Agronomist Trainee role is central in developing agronomic skills and knowledge in the oil palm industry. By joining Saro Oil Palm Limited as a Plantation Agronomist Trainee, you’ll embark on a journey to contribute to sustainable agriculture and palm oil production.