Jobs at Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMOH), Interswitch and Evans Industries Limited

Here are Jobs at Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMOH), Interswitch and Evans Industries Limited.

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1. Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMOH)

Job Title: Radiographer

Link: Radiographer at the Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMOH)

The Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMOH) is a government agency responsible for healthcare planning, delivery, and management within Lagos State, Nigeria. The ministry is dedicated to providing quality healthcare services to residents. The Radiographer role is pivotal in medical imaging and diagnosis, contributing to patient care and treatment. By joining LSMOH as a Radiographer, you’ll play a crucial role in supporting the ministry’s mission of improving healthcare delivery.

2. Interswitch

Job Title: Instore Services Officer

Link: Instore Services Officer at Interswitch

Interswitch is a renowned pan-African financial technology company known for providing innovative payment solutions and services. The company is at the forefront of digital payment transformation across Africa. The Instore Services Officer role is instrumental in ensuring seamless operations within Interswitch’s payment services. By joining Interswitch as an Instore Services Officer, you’ll be part of a dynamic team dedicated to delivering exceptional payment experiences and advancing digital payment solutions in Africa.

3. Evans Industries Limited

Job Title: Research and Development (R&D) Officer

Link: Research and Development (R&D) Officer at Evans Industries Limited

Evans Industries Limited is a well-established Nigerian company with a focus on manufacturing and providing high-quality consumer goods. The company has a history of innovation and quality. The Research and Development (R&D) Officer role is central in driving innovation and product development. By joining Evans Industries as an R&D Officer, you’ll contribute to the company’s commitment to creating innovative and quality consumer products.