Functions of a Database Administrator

In this post we will be looking the functions of a database administrator working in an organization. So let’s jump right into it.

Database Administrator

The role of the Database Administrator  is largely to organize and  manage an organization’s data management systems in a reliable and efficient manner. The administrator must deliver consistency, high quality and safety. The database administrator may have to manage multiple databases and use multiple tools to achieve this.

The database administrator groups information and  organizes it in order to be easily managed, searched and updated. Many organizations use computer databases  to organize, store and analyze data received.

The database administrator in an organization has many software packages of choice available to use for the implementation of database management in an organization. It is the duty of the database administrator to install, configure and optimize organizational databases. The administrator takes into account the entire organization as well as the request and needs of users in the system. It should also be noted that while some database administrators are specialized some of the administrators focus on data administration and maintenance.

The database administrator handles a variety of services in the organization where he or she works. The administrator can take part in the training of users in the organization. He or she may also have to move around within the organization to intervene on issues even outside the his or her working hours.

The database administrator may be employed by a company or by a service provider such as consultancy firms.

The database administrator has to demonstrate essential qualities such as rigor and expertise of solution methods, expertise of market management systems such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, etc. He or she must also demonstrate key abilities such as openness,  listening ability, good communication skills and ability to adapt to changes.

The database administrator in an organization manages a large volume of information,  customer details, prices, statistics, documents just to mention a few. The database administrator also makes this data available to the organizational units concerned.

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