Abia state Jobs

Introduction of the state:

Abia state has its capital in Umuahia while the main commercial city is in Aba, Aba was a former British  government outpost during the colonial era.  The state was created in 1991 from part of Imo State.

Where is Abia state located?

Abia is located in the south eastern part of Nigeria at 5.4527° N, 7.5248° E


What are the resources available in Abia state: The state is rich in Lead, Zinc, Limestone, Oil/Gas, Gold and Salt

What industries are available in Abia state: There are many industries in Abia, which includes, Textiles, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Agro Allied, just to mention a few.

Where can one find jobs in Abia state? One can find available jobs in Abia from Newspapers, social media site and job portals such as Jobs in Nigeria Today

What is the population of the state? It is projected that the state would be 4 265 920 in 2021

Landsize of Abia? The estimated land size of the state is 6,320 km²

Education in Abia state: The educational governing body in Abia state is The  Abia State Ministry of Education which is incharge of  the formulation and implementation of various educational policies in the state.

Universities in Abia State: There are six major recognized Universities in Abia which includes; Abia State University, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Gregory University, Uturu, Clifford University, Rhema University, Spiritan University, Nneochi.

Who is the current Governor of Abia state?: The current Governor of Abia state as at 2021 is Okezie Ikpeazu

Unemployment rate in the state: The unemployment rate in Nigeria using the New Nigeria methodology stands at about 50 Percent while using the international methodology it stands at about 16 percent

Career Opportunities in the state: There are various career opportunities in Abia state in various industries including Textiles, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Agro Allied, etc. To search for Jobs in Abia visit https://www.jobstoday.com.ng/tag/abia/