Visa for highly qualified persons for Job search or to start a business in Sweden

There is a current visa type in Sweden for those that want to travel to search for a job or to start a business for highly qualified persons.

The requirements listed for this visa type on the immigration website includes

  • have completed studies corresponding to an advanced level degree
  • plan to seek employment or explore the possibilities for starting your own business
  • be able to support yourself during the period for which you are applying for a permit and have money to cover the cost of your journey home
  • have comprehensive health insurance valid for care in Sweden
  • have a passport valid for the entire period you intend to be in Sweden (if your passport is about to expire, you should extend it because you cannot get a permit for longer than your passport is valid)
  • currently be located outside of Sweden.

And according to the official website, you find see what counts as an advanced level degree

What counts as an advanced level degree?

For a degree to count as advanced level, it must correspond to a 60-credit Master’s degree, a 120-credit Master’s degree, a professional degree worth 60-330 credits, or a postgraduate/PhD-level degree.

In your application, you must enclose a letter of consent that gives the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) the right to contact higher education institutions in your home country to verify your educational documents. The Swedish Migration Agency then sends your documents to UHR so that they can assess your level of education. The Swedish Migration Agency can not answer questions about the level of your degree before you have made your application.


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