Where is Your Work Experience as a Recent Graduate

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July 5, 2022 0 Comments

After graduating people may face obstacles that can hinder their ambitions of getting a job. The major problem faced is lack of professional work experience as a recent graduate.

In this post we shall be looking at how you can overcome this major obstacle.


First solution: make up for the lack of professional experience

If you are a recent graduate and you have never had the opportunity or very little work experience, to solve this we must first ask ourselves why recruiters give so much importance to professional work experience?

A company must be profitable to survive, so employers seek to recruit operational people who can be effective as soon as they are employed. So, the best way to make sure that an employee is ready to work and add value to the organization from the beginning is to look at their work experience.

The aim is therefore, for you, as a recent graduate who lacks professional work experience, to provide enough proof of your abilities and show how efficient you will be. So here are some ways you can do this

Student experience
If you have done some internships or been on a work-study program, you have to mention it on your CV not forgetting to put the right information on your experiences. Indicate what your roles were, your responsibilities and the result of your efforts.

Extracurricular experience
Indicate your community involvement experience to increase the chances of getting employed when you are a recent or recent graduate and If you have not gotten any of such experience during your studies, you can put experiences you’ve had that can add value to your profile.

Some other experiences that can help you as a recent graduate are as follows

  • voluntary work experience
  • a high-level sporting activity which can help show your team and competitive spirit
  • a cultural activity at a good level which can show your creativity
  • A group activity which can help show your team work  and leadership abilities

Though there are still other ways you can show case your competencies, but these already discussed points can also help you a great deal as a recent graduate.

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