Importance of a Cover Letter

The importance of a cover letter cannot be overemphasized, a cover letter usually would be sent along side your CV for most applications though some recruiters might not request for it. The cover letter helps to provide more information about how your skills and education aligns with the post you are applying for and tells the recruiting organization the skills you intend to bring to the organization. The cover letter is very important because it also gives the recruiter the opportunity to understand how suitable you are for the job.

Cover letters gives a candidate the opportunity to present a positive first impression and this makes it very important when applying for jobs. And some HR professionals have said that recruiters usually favor CVs which come with a cover letter and most jobs would require a cover letter, though some recruiters might not put this as a requirement.

Now that we have seen some major importance of a cover, let us go over some useful tips in writing a good cover letter.

Cover letters are a single page document which should be addressed to the recruiter and which should include your contact information. It has to state what job position you are applying for and throws more light on key information you have included in your CV that are relevant to the position you are applying for. It should show why you are interested in the job and what makes you a suitable candidate for the post.

So, basically here are some key points to note

  • Cover letter should be addressed to the recruiter as indicated on the job advert
  • It should show your current employment situation and why you would like to advance
  • It should have your contact details
  • It should show the skills, education and experience you have to offer for the desired job position
  • Avoid using generic cover letters, it should be prepared for a specific job you are applying for
  • It should indicate the transferable skills you have to offer
  • Proof read it to ensure it is error free
  • Then neatly end it by indicating that you have an interest for further discussions

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