How do you answer the question about your salary expectation?

The salary expectation is the remuneration to which a job seeker wishes to get for a position. This question may be generally asked by the recruiter during a job interview, and that is the reason a  candidate must have worked on it beforehand so as not to get confused.

There are several possible ways to answer this question.

First, the candidate needs to have researched about the position he is being interviewed for before hand, candidates can use sites like glassdoor to find out the salary range on which he or she has been invited for. It may also be worthwhile to use social networking sites such as LinkedIn to interact and find out the salary information for the position and the qualification the candidate possesses.

To answer this question some candidates get away with it by stating that they believe the organization has a well organized remuneration system and believes that the organization remunerates its workers appropriately and so, they as the candidate wouldn’t want to really put a price down. This may work sometimes with some multinational companies and organizations but sometimes the recruiter might be bent on the candidate giving a specific figure.

So when the recruiter requests for a precise answer: One of the answers proposed by professionals is to give a figure then you follow it with a question. And they say this is usually the answer which recruiters expect, you should give a gross annual salary. But remember not to just give just a figure, for example you can say “A gross annual salary of 5,000,000 naira seems legitimate to me, what do you think?”. In this case you have give a figure but you have not left it rigid but open to negotiation. Try to avoid giving just a fixed price and also avoid giving a price that is too high and do not also undervalue yourself by providing a price that is too low, that wouldn’t help you in securing the job, in fact it may make you appear cheap, so this is where making proper research prior to the interview is so important.



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