5 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

5 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

In Nigeria the major concern for people is the salary a job has to offer. In this post, we shall be discussing about the Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria.

This will be presented in no particular order

Medical Doctors and Surgeons: This category of workers are one of the most paid in the country but this also depends on where they work, if they own their own clinics or work for private or Government hospitals. Though this category of jobs is high paying by Nigerian standard but there has been high brain drain of health workers due to the lower salary level and working conditions when compared to their overseas counterparts.

Software developers: Software developers are also highly paid in Nigeria, they are needed in many organizations, especially those that require web and mobile apps for the daily running of their businesses, such as eCommerce companies, banks, fin-tech companies, etc. Just like the medical profession, this job category is experiencing high brain drain in Nigeria.

Pilots: This category of workers also earn very good salaries in Nigeria, they mostly work at various airlines, private companies including oil companies. So many pilots would even negotiate their salaries in foreign currencies such as the dollars instead of the lower and less stable local currency (Naira).

Petroleum Engineers: Petroleum engineers are also well paid in Nigeria as the country is an oil producing country, most oil companies in the country require the services of these highly skilled engineers in their daily operations. Petroleum engineers are highly sought after by various oil companies.

Musicians and Artists: Last on our list are the musicians and artists, these category earns a lot of money in Nigeria. They are usually paid per appearance and some earn millions per appearance that they make.

These are our top 5 highest paying Jobs in Nigeria in no particular order on our list but remember that all Jobs in Nigeria can be highly lucrative, one just needs to constantly improve on one’s skills.

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