Talent Care Coordinator at US Embassy

A diplomatic mission is a group of people from one state or an international inter-governmental organisation (such as the United Nations) present in another state to represent the sending state/organisation officially in the receiving state.

Talent Care Coordinator

Location: Abuja

Reporting to post’s Human Resources Officer, with guidance of the Post TalentCare Committee (TCC) and with technical support from the MED/CP/OHW Wellness Team, the TalentCare Coordinator would initiate and administer a process that coordinates the several programs related to the Department’s TalentCare initiative and provide strategic planning and initiation of a comprehensive wellness program outlined in 16 FAM 625. Job holder will help establish, maintain, and work with the Post TalentCare Committee. This position’s duties include regularly evaluating post’s specific needs and identifying resources related to TalentCare, developing a wellness plan, and implementing and monitoring the effectiveness of that plan.

Qualifications and Evaluations


  • At least two (2) years of professional experience including education, administration, or program management within the fields of health promotion, workplace wellness, recreation, or other allied health professions is required.


The position requires knowledge of strategic planning, project management, program evaluation, and a basic understanding of evidence-based health promotion and wellness concepts.

  • Must demonstrate skill in the facilitation of a diverse working group of key leaders who are charged with identification, prioritization, planning, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based and unique initiatives related to program goals.
  •  Must demonstrate skill in adapting basic concepts to changing circumstances/new developments in working with complex issues related to the overall wellbeing on the post population.
  • Knowledge of local wellness organizations/resources to develop and organize post-specific wellness programs to meet the needs and interest of post is required.

Education Requirements:

  • Completion of at least two (2) years of study at University or College is required.

How to apply

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Closing date: January 27, 2023